August 22, 2011

Scents Yore Hear - The Haul Bath!

Forgive the cheesy lead - sometimes I can't resist word play much to the distaste of those around me! :) This was a very fruitful weekend: I finished my hall bathroom update - yea! There was a bit of a fixture fiasco - which when things went down I got the old look (you know the sideways pity glance and shoulder tap) and "Awww it's OK you're just a perfectionist."
There is no real sweet connotation with that word when it's spoken, it's always completely laden with sarcasm. You get a look like they're watching someone who is in danger of eating their young and yet the line is delivered with such respect  you would think you we're accepting an award. Is it because they fear us just a bit? Good :)
I should also not stay up 40 hours in a row to finish a room again - that's when you have dreams in which light bulbs mock you and the screwdrivers dance around in circles around you chanting "Tight Tight, Yup Yup, Tight to the Right - HA!" (The 5 hour energy in the home stretch - also probably NOT a good idea and not to be repeated; completely unrelated - all tools will be replaced tomorrow - Jerks.

Also I've begun planning for my next project it will be transforming the 'dining' room into an art room/office (Instead of the room that is currently the halfway house for my computer and various art supplies) - and I have visions of crafting fairies dancing in my head. Leading up to which I will be refinishing furniture in several various ways - wish me luck I'm new to all of this - and I can't wait. Probably won't finish for a couple of weeks but it's so worth it - especially when I get the reactions from my Hub (genuine pleasure) and Father (always seems shocked that it's not painted with a mural of drunk, eggplants, dancing naked around a fire-pit - ahh if only).Thanks to all of the amazing ladies out there who have and continue to inspire me - and share your wonderful ideas - you all mean so much!
Before pictures - sea foam green - yikes! How about that super awesome light fixture!

After: New white EVERYWHERE! love love love!! So shiiiiny!

The shower curtain that started it all!

Couldn't find art that I liked - so I got canvases and upholstery fabric I liked at Hobby Lobby - and I made some! :)

She jumped right into the picture before running off to bed - always has to have the last word!

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Patricia Ann said...

Beautiful color! So much brighter!