September 10, 2011

Fall Festivals - WAHOO

Well today is the first Saturday of the Fall Festivals - I took out my Chronicle a few weeks ago and mapped out the festivals I wanted to attend around the city - and the state, and I am super excited the time has arrived. I even found myself humming "Tis the season" while pouring coffee this morning. Far less embarrassing than my full on rendition of "Santa Clause is coming to Town" complete with stage show and jazz hands in Hobby Lobby last week - I'll give you a moment to compose yourself. I hope you all have a wonderfully productive weekend - enjoy your family and your free time - and my daughter and I will be shopping 'til we drop today. As a matter of fact this is face when I told her of our impending outing..

Happy Shopping - and God Bless!!!

September 9, 2011

Confessions of an Organized Mess...

First I feel like I should send my blog flowers and a note - I feel like I have really let it down in this relationship. I don't call, I don't write....huuuuuhhh - Hopefully it will forgive my lapse but the last two weeks have been crazy. However, drum roll (budhbudhbudhbudhbudbbbbbb) I have finished my craft room!!!! (aaahhhh ahhhhh auuuahh - that's the crowd going wild in my head). Our room is multi-purpose and now MAJORLY gorgeous. My confession is this I am hype-vigilant about organization - just ask my poor Hubby, but I will be the first to admit this room had been let go. After a nutty year and a hectic summer, my long suffering room was due a makeover - see for yourself:

This was the room where neatness came to die and I was fed up. My closets are organized even the kids are in size, color, and seasonal categories (not necessarily in that order) and the glasses in my cabinet are in height order - Don't judge! But this had become too much. I've known for a while what I wanted to do. And now I've made it a space that functions as a craft-room, an office, and a blogging sanctuary - hear that girl, "I'm back!" I hope you all like what I've done, I sure do. Suddenly I don't mind anymore that I can't sleep, it's all I can do to leave this room at night. I wish you all a sanctuary as lovely as I find mine!

"Behr" Hugs

I absolutely love what a little paint can do. I was given to great pieces by my in-laws. A mirror when we moved in here - that really never found it's "niche"; And just this past weekend an old cabinet that belonged to my husband's grandparents. When I decided to redo the office/craft room I knew exactly where I wanted to use both pieces, but neither fit just right. Taking a couple of color queues from some unusual places I came up with a scheme that I think fits them just right.
Usually I lament the fact that these photos don't capture the color accurately - yeeeaaaaa - this one did.



More quick projects and cheap ideas

I wanted chalkboards for my wall - but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for - so I bought inexpensive ($5) white frames and chalkboard paint at Home Depot and 3 coats later I got exactly what I wanted.

I also collected frames on clearance and in dollar sections then painted them the colors I wanted and inserted my own images. (I went with a bird theme and all of the pictures came from the fronts of Behr paint sample fold-outs - FREE!!

Quickies :)

There are a few things I did during the course of this update that folks have pointed out as neat - but were just on-the-fly ideas I had. Feel free to snag :)
First - I don't sew. True I have made a quilt - but my mother supervised EVERY stitch. I can sew a mean button though - "DON'T TEST ME!" Actually I got new curtains and added the old ones into another room to give that window more coverage. What I was left with was exactly what I wanted except my curtains came with no tie-backs. The old windows didn't need them any longer so I whip-stitched (which is code for stitching in a random pattern much like what I believe a drunken sailor would have done to his own leg where he drinking rum on the back of a 90-ft schooner in 15 foot swells during a storm in 1846) fabric over it to cover it. Now I have tie-backs that compliment the room (thankfully - white to hide the heinous sewing) and I didn't have to do anything TOO major.

I hate cords - especially ones that stick out like a sore thumb against my shiny new table. So I snagged an old shoebox from my daughter's closet and covered it in scrapbooking paper - cut a hole and voila!

Statement Piece

When I began the craft room redo the first thing that I knew must be changed was the table. Though everyone around me was skeptical I had a vision of what changing the table could mean for the room - and I was right. Now a center piece instead of an eye-sore, my first furniture revamp is complete and I must admit - That bug bit hard! Thanks so much to Aunt Patty for all her guidance and support throughout the process. Make sure to check out her blog and all her amazing stuff at Patricia Ann's (you can find her in my blogs on the right) - and I hope you like my new table.

What's Old is New

I didn't want to buy a piece of furniture to set my printer on - I really like it out of the way, so I figured the old foot locker I took to college was fine, it just needed to be "spruced up" a bit. I forgot how absolutely addicting decoupage can be - anything can be covered and made beautiful. And now in my house anything that is still too long is fair game - Watch out kiddos!
Quick easy redo - What do you think?