August 22, 2011

Four Ewe - DIYers

Seriously I'll stop sorry! I <3 Homonyms! OK this is for my Houston folks. I always scan the Zest section of the Chronicle, this weeks was especially awesome because it was the fall festival guide - if you didn't get it - dumpster dive it's amazing and actually gives a fairly accurate accounting of the festivals going on around most of Texas. I got so excited I couldn't decide whether to break into a rousing rendition of "Deep into the heart of Texas" or "Margaritaville" (Do you have ANY idea how many Texas fests revolve around drinking) - sidetracked, sorry. Anyway while flipping through the Zest section I found an add for the most fun shop I've been into in a long time. I should preface this with a couple of things. If you like to buy your decorations and you are not into DIY projects - the artists of the world thank you VERY much, but you're likely to be bored outta your gourd so I hope you have a lovely evening.....
OK still here - It's called Texas Art Asylum and it ROCKS! Anything and I literally mean just about anything you could possibly want or need is there. I'll be posting in the next couple of days the art project that I saw there that I will be duplicating. If you need anything - keys, doorknobs, doll pieces, hand mixers, buttons, jars, crayons, old records - ANYTHING they have great stuff for reuse! I have seen so many great art projects and so many of you have made some truly amazing things that I hope you find some of this helpful - and if or when you're in the city check them out. Organized chaos - they didn't once look at me like I was nuts, and when I walked in - saw all the stuff - I think I must have looked like a crazy person, I think I might have actually bounced and clapped like I had been bit by a rabid circus monkey. Seriously - check 'em out - great stuff - thanks ladies!

Scents Yore Hear - The Haul Bath!

Forgive the cheesy lead - sometimes I can't resist word play much to the distaste of those around me! :) This was a very fruitful weekend: I finished my hall bathroom update - yea! There was a bit of a fixture fiasco - which when things went down I got the old look (you know the sideways pity glance and shoulder tap) and "Awww it's OK you're just a perfectionist."
There is no real sweet connotation with that word when it's spoken, it's always completely laden with sarcasm. You get a look like they're watching someone who is in danger of eating their young and yet the line is delivered with such respect  you would think you we're accepting an award. Is it because they fear us just a bit? Good :)
I should also not stay up 40 hours in a row to finish a room again - that's when you have dreams in which light bulbs mock you and the screwdrivers dance around in circles around you chanting "Tight Tight, Yup Yup, Tight to the Right - HA!" (The 5 hour energy in the home stretch - also probably NOT a good idea and not to be repeated; completely unrelated - all tools will be replaced tomorrow - Jerks.

August 17, 2011

Late Night Rendezvous

I'm having a relationship with my computer - seeing as my husband knows I don't think it can be considered illicit any longer... Poo my first chance at being exciting, oh well?  A super huge thanks to Aunt Patty for perpetuating the madness. At least now I have an excuse for staying up way past my bedtime - still trying to explain to a preschooler that PB&M&C (Peanut Butter & Mayo & Cheese) is ALL the rage because I'm drifting through the day is a bit nuts. I really wish she'd be a bit more understanding...geez! The 20 new blogs I ran across last night we chocked full of valuable info - and it's not like I didn't let her wear a tutu practically everywhere last week if she didn't tell the neighbors I was mainlining RC cola! Everybody is a critic! Biggest news though Patty has helped me through my design dilemma and I can't wait to get finished with this weekends project so I can begin the next one. Speaking of said project, anybody have comments or advice or info on chalk paint - weighing that against another paint option for a table - I'm vaclempt - discuss...

August 15, 2011

Boxed Wine Wishes & Coupon Dreams...

While I'll give it to my husband - "Hear that Honey, you're right!" - that nobody needs a 2 gallon jar of mayonnaise, I have totally jumped on the coupon bandwagon and I'm riding it into the sunset with unabashed abandon. I don't care that the pre-pubescent  CVS clerk looks at me like I have a third breast; I'll be laughing all the way through the apocalypse with my fresh smelling hair thanks to my 32 containers of 4 cent shampoo and 15 body washes - take that! (Not to mention had he not treated me like a freak I would have gladly shared my pile of Noxzema coupons with him, and his future may have taken a decidedly different turn) - that's the power I wield within my HUGE, HEAVY, magical coupon binder - you have all been warned. The thing that is the most frustrating is that I can no longer go to the grocery store looking like a hobo. I spend more time prepping for a 20 minute outing to Target than I would for a Broadway musical, because they are never 20 minutes anymore. The moment the automatic doors part I know I will be besieged by a multitude of women, who flock to me asking the same thing, "Are you one of those crazy couponers?" I'm seriously considering adding a twitch and a limp - with a dose of schizophrenic behavior added for good measure when I reply, "You betcha!"


This is the schoolhouse I put together in the room attched to our garage. I'll be homeschooling our daughter this fall - she's a genius - and now we have a space that is specific to our needs. Plus an air conditioning unit - which is mandatory for Houston - ALWAYS!!!

Old Project - Kids rooms

These were the kids rooms I did - complete with bedding. What fun - and to think in just a couple of years they'll probably want me to paint something completely different over them. C'est la vie!

Laundry Room

So on the advice of Patty I've inserted page breaks to make my posts more manageable!
Long winded - nuh-uh! Here are some photos from my weekend Laundry room overhaul.

Blogger Newbie

I was the last kid in elementary to catch onto the mismatched sock trend - something quite frankly that was not only a gross misrepresentation of the "coolness" that was the 80s - but something which should remain a distant memory and not be placed upon the mannequins at the entryway to Nordstroms. We were the last family on the block to get a microwave, and since we're being honest, I have destroyed more than my fair share of them - it's crazy what you CAN'T put in those suckers. It's also a touch embarrassing to be in the checkout line at Target and the attendant looks at you quizzically because you just bought one of those LAST month. So it probably wouldn't shock you to hear that my social secretary is a 4 1/2 year old, and no it's not to due economic constraints, but rather she is far more adept at answering/using and overall controlling my iPhone.