September 9, 2011

Quickies :)

There are a few things I did during the course of this update that folks have pointed out as neat - but were just on-the-fly ideas I had. Feel free to snag :)
First - I don't sew. True I have made a quilt - but my mother supervised EVERY stitch. I can sew a mean button though - "DON'T TEST ME!" Actually I got new curtains and added the old ones into another room to give that window more coverage. What I was left with was exactly what I wanted except my curtains came with no tie-backs. The old windows didn't need them any longer so I whip-stitched (which is code for stitching in a random pattern much like what I believe a drunken sailor would have done to his own leg where he drinking rum on the back of a 90-ft schooner in 15 foot swells during a storm in 1846) fabric over it to cover it. Now I have tie-backs that compliment the room (thankfully - white to hide the heinous sewing) and I didn't have to do anything TOO major.

I hate cords - especially ones that stick out like a sore thumb against my shiny new table. So I snagged an old shoebox from my daughter's closet and covered it in scrapbooking paper - cut a hole and voila!

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