September 9, 2011

Statement Piece

When I began the craft room redo the first thing that I knew must be changed was the table. Though everyone around me was skeptical I had a vision of what changing the table could mean for the room - and I was right. Now a center piece instead of an eye-sore, my first furniture revamp is complete and I must admit - That bug bit hard! Thanks so much to Aunt Patty for all her guidance and support throughout the process. Make sure to check out her blog and all her amazing stuff at Patricia Ann's (you can find her in my blogs on the right) - and I hope you like my new table.

We started out with the blandest of tables - my hubby needed to have a large table so he could roll out his architectural drawings - so I chose an over sized dining table from a furniture closeout store. Not grand - but the size was just right. Plus when he wasn't using it - it's the perfect size for laying out projects and crafting with my daughter.  But BLEECH! I mean ugly!

Then some white paint, stencils, sandpaper, antiquing, and sealant (and 1 week of super fumes) and I had my end piece! I absolutely love it - and frankly can't wait to have more fun projects just like it.

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