August 15, 2011

Blogger Newbie

I was the last kid in elementary to catch onto the mismatched sock trend - something quite frankly that was not only a gross misrepresentation of the "coolness" that was the 80s - but something which should remain a distant memory and not be placed upon the mannequins at the entryway to Nordstroms. We were the last family on the block to get a microwave, and since we're being honest, I have destroyed more than my fair share of them - it's crazy what you CAN'T put in those suckers. It's also a touch embarrassing to be in the checkout line at Target and the attendant looks at you quizzically because you just bought one of those LAST month. So it probably wouldn't shock you to hear that my social secretary is a 4 1/2 year old, and no it's not to due economic constraints, but rather she is far more adept at answering/using and overall controlling my iPhone.

As this trend has continued throughout my life I don't suppose it would surprise anyone to discover I am the last one to the blogging party. Actually I think I narrowly made the window - my daughter is due to publish her own any day now. I think it serves such an amazing purpose...well mine will be amazing anyway! I can share pictures of projects that I've completed, I'm in the process of completing, or scribbles on the backs of old HEB receipts when I see something that inspires me; which is often how it really happens.  Along the way I hope to draw inspiration from those reading and get any helpful advice others might have - unless it's something that counters what I think - ask my husband, I'm pretty much always right. That being said feel free to drop in and tell me how wonderful and amazing I am anytime!

My OCD is a blessing and a curse - when my tank tops aren't organized in the drawer by color order - it doesn't ruin my day (mainly because I fix it immediately) but at the same time I try not to let my neuroses ruin the lives of others - I still hold firm on my argument that my daughter organized the crayons in traditional color wheel order of her own volition, with no assistance from me - I don't think any mother could be prouder :) I don't expect others to follow my lead - but I will probably dust your blinds and put away your clean dishes if left unsupervised - I apologize ahead of time.

Lately - the last 6 years or so - alright, alright - my whole life I've been obsessed with change - but only when it's on my terms, which during the course of leading a "normal" life is often difficult. When things don't go my way or when I feel out of sync - I lash out, thankfully it's usually just my environment that suffers - and occasionally my Husband (sorry Honey!).

So we moved in almost 2 years ago now with my father and in that time I completed both of the kids rooms, our room, and now the laundry/utility room - and I got the bug again - and so it begins. Before the birth of my son I helped my sister-in-law organize her craft room and that venture has lingered in the back of my mind so my next major overhaul will be our office/crafting area as well. I will be touching up the hall bath this coming weekend, mainly because I LOVE projects that can be completed in a relatively small amount of time (the laundry only took about 12 hours start to finish).

So you ask who is this marvel? This amazing woman who can do so much - clean, bake, organize, coupon, craft, scrapbook, paint, parent - all the while not showing a single noticeable twitch - (alas I'm not even a closet binge-drinker - amazing right!) well, likely the only folks who will ever read this are my girlfriends and family so sadly you already know too much, and probably don't care about the rest. While I do admit to harboring a secret desire to one day appear in People magazine for something "revolutionary" - I doubt very much that it will ever happen. Alas I have decided to post pictures and keep myself motivated through regularly-irregular postings as I finish projects around the house - interspersed with of course - my musings on couponing (very deep stuff - and my latest obsession) - and all matter of rantings - which again knowing me as most on here will - you are well versed in. 

From time to time I'll post pictures of family too, please feel free to return - sometimes, often, never - and share stories or comments - or don't; either way I'm sure I'll find a very successful way to obsess over it all. I hope that you all have wonderful days, wonderful lives, and wonderful moments and I look forward to sharing my mixed up world with you!

Take Care.

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